Is your company having an idea or a problem related to international business that should be resolved? International Business students at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences can help you. They can, for example, examine the target market, think about marketing, to study the export and import activities, or to evaluate your company image from an international perspective. They can also do their practical training or write their final thesis for your company. Please contact principal lecturer Satu Lautamäki, tel. 0400 113 990 or

Company reference


"I was very surprised by the approach, skills and enthusiasm that international business students brought to our product development project. It got a new global tone, when a group of students looked at the product concept from different conditions of use and cultures. This group should be utilized.

In particular, we were interested in the product usability which the group dealt with enthusiasm. Perhaps the lack of user orientation is a national weakness? Joy and enthusiasm characterized this work, where we could be involved. The effect was two-sided. We got a new enthusiasm and a grip on our work, and perhaps we also got a readymade network of export agents."

Kalevi Lystimäki | CEO | EG Furnace